Why Rebels Get Results In The Wellness Space with Teddi Emerald

Most of us are familiar with the famous Tony Robbins quote "if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got" but what does this really mean when applied to your business and what's the true cost of playing things safe?

You'd be forgiven for believing that each niche within the wellness space has its own unique way of doing things. Most body workers charge a similar rate and offer similar services. Most coaches package their services in a similar way and market themselves on social media using similar messaging. And on and on.

In fact its due to all the above that many of us (including me) find social media rather uninspiring at times - but is there another way?

Myself and this weeks podcast guests, Teddi Emerald, had one huge personality trait in common - REBELLION.

Now this got me into a lot of trouble as a teenager and shamed me in my early twenties until I found the absolute perfect arena for it - *drum roll please* BUSINESS.

Embracing your inner rebel (and yes, I believe we all have one) in business allows us to observe the masses and do the opposite, it helps us actively seek out alternative ways of working and, most importantly, helps our message and our mission cut through all the noise.

In this weeks episode we discuss:

- body positivity and how this influences the visability of your brand

- how Tapping changed Teddi's life in a matter of weeks

- how Teddi grew her 26k Instagram following

- why working on your money story is crucial to the success of your business

- why embracing our sovereignty when it comes to our own self-care and empowering others to do the same is vital in the Insta-perfect age. 

If you are looking for a refreshing perspective on business, social media and what it truly means to be a rebel with a cause then catch the full episode here.

Let's dive in.

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