The REAL Reason Your Clients Can’t Afford to Work With You

When a client hesitates to invest in your programme or service even though it’s exactly what they’re searching for, you may start to second guess your offer. 

Is the price really too high? Maybe your package doesn’t offer as much value as you thought it did?

Stop right there. 

That’s not the way to think about this objection!

I decided to price the membership of The Collective modestly because I wanted to offer a low cost-high value space for entrepreneurs to grow their business and support each other’s business journey.

So, when I first opened the doors, I expected no objections on the price because I had fought to keep it affordable. 

And yet, that’s exactly what I faced. Clients coming to me with concerns about investing in their own business growth because the price of a few cups of coffee seemed too high.

Every business owner faces this hurdle. 

It’s important to remember that this is not a reflection of the value you offer.  

But it gives us a good place to start assessing the clients you are attracting to your business.

In this episode of the Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I arm you with 4 simple tasks that will help you understand how your own limiting money mindset interacts with your clients’ objections and loses you business. 

This assessment will help you uncover:

- your own frustration around your business

- the client objections you face the most

- how you are playing into the fears and hesitations from those around you

- if you are really committed to creating the life you envision for yourself

- who you are prioritizing over yourself and the life you want

At the end of this episode, you will know how to step into your own success trajectory and attract the clients who relate to the journey you are on. 

Listen to the full episode here and never question that the offer you worked so hard on is worth investing in.





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