From Patient to Practitioner With Carelle Rose


There is more than one path to a successful life. 

Perhaps you’ve had a dream career in mind that never came to be, but there’s a good chance that your journey towards that dream has put you on a path to an even better life (and business!)

As entrepreneurs we are constantly comparing and judging our success against some socially acceptable ideal target. But as wellness entrepreneurs, part of our job is to embody a more balanced and authentic version of success.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak to Collective Member of the Month, Carelle Rose, a Gua Sha therapist, Face Yoga instructor, and Reflexologist. 

I wanted to know about her journey as an aspiring singer, her struggles with severe allergies and exactly how wellness entered her life as a salve which ultimately led to her finding her true calling. 

We chat about:

- her battle with years of treatment and the anxiety it caused

- how reflexology helped her feel in...

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