Don’t Work With Friends (Messy Business)

I’m back with more Messy Business stories and today we dig into the joys and challenges of business collaborations, including some myth-busting around working with friends, inclusion in the wellness industry, and the benefits of getting creative and playful in business.

Today we share valuable insights into how to get the best out of your business collaborations, what we need to think about to ensure our businesses are accessible to everyone, and what happens when we harness our inner sorcery to create exciting new client services!

Listen to the full episode where we discuss:

The fiery cocktail of business collaboration - it can go one of two ways! 

Why you can’t do it without communication and vulnerability

Difficult firsts without loved ones

Proud and powerful allyship

Creativity and play in business

Big thanks to everyone who has listened, followed, subscribed, and reviewed Messy Business so far, we’re over the moon you’re enjoying the show!

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Break-Ups & Hangovers (Messy Business)

messy business Mar 02, 2023

Messy Business, The Podcast - Has Launched

We are so excited to share with you the very first episode of Messy Business - where we lift the lid on what it’s really like to run a business!

We’re here to help make navigating the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship that little bit easier (because we all know it’s nowhere near as glamorous as Instagram makes out!)

In the first episode we explore the highs and lows of our own business journeys including horrible customer service, uncomfortable endings, and new beginnings, with a fair bit of banter thrown in for good measure!

Listen to the full episode where we discuss:

Disempowering, disengaging, and jarring customer service.

The Wellness Evolution Festival cat-out-of-the-bag moment

The worst hangover of our lives (without actually drinking any alcohol!)

Spinning too many plates and still finding time for fun.

Huge life changes as a catalyst for business growth

Why endings feel hard

We’re here to...

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