How To Fall In Love With Your Competitors

Have you ever had THE BEST idea, started researching and then lost all faith in it because you found someone or some people doing something similar? Has this ever been the reason you went back to the drawing board and started over?

What about if you're already knee deep in business and hear that someone else has entered the scene? Do you feel threatened? Scared they'll take all your customers? How about angry that they had the audacity to encroach on your territory?

STOP SCROLLING RIGHT NOW! Quit your multi-tasking, and come back to me because I have something extremely important to tell you that could change the destiny of your business and your life, FOREVER.

What if I told you that thinking all these things was a GOOD thing? What if you could actually use this to your advantage - to strengthen your brand, hone in on your business superpowers and create more impact. 

Don't believe me? Then you have got to listen to this weeks Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast ...

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