How To Build A Stellar Team With Zero Budget

Entrepreneurs on social media talk about their teams all the time. It’s clearly a support system that helps these businesses thrive. 

You see these posts and videos, and wonder how nice it would be to have a team like that. 

But you’re not at that place yet. Or maybe you don’t really want an actual team of people to manage.

So how can you get the real benefits of having a team dedicated to your work without hiring employees or spending a single penny?

Let me tell you how in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast. This is a tool I first used when I was in that stage of my business, and it has helped me work through ideas, be more confident, dispel self-doubt, and remind myself of the value of my services. 

The main thing a team brings to the table is a diversity of perspectives and strengths. So, its true usefulness comes from the team members understanding your values and aligning with your vision.

It’s as simple (and cost...

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