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Action Over Intention

black lives matter Jun 04, 2020

This is going to be uncomfortable. I am going to say the wrong thing and I may cause offence but I refuse to carry on 'business as usual' because it just isn't.

I am aware this is going to look performative.

I am also aware that this may cause many people to unsubscribe.

This is a risk I am willing to take because saying nothing is choosing to stay part of the problem

This discomfort is nothing compared to the injustice, brutality and absolute disregard for the lives of people of colour.

As a a white woman living from a place of massive privilege - I am sorry.

I am sorry for not speaking out sooner. I am sorry to my black clients and followers who may feel they have not been represented as they should have been in my business. There is no excuse.

This week I have stopped all promotions, stepped off my social media platforms (apart from to share valuable resources) and have committed to listening and learning.

This goes beyond the hashtag - things in both my life and business...

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