The Art of Giving With Julie Kent MBE

Every wellness entrepreneur aspires to create a business that helps people. But what are the benefits and drawbacks of living a life of giving to others?

The best person to answer that question must be the woman who just received an MBE for her decades of tireless charitable work. 

In today’s Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast episode, I talk to Julie Kent MBE about the loss that started her journey of giving and how her work has strengthened and supported her throughout the years.

In this interview, we explore:

- The challenges and joy of caring for sixty teenagers as a housemistress

- How giving your money or your time can be beneficial to your mental and physical health

- The pressures of being the upbeat, optimistic one

- Recognising and fully dealing with your own grief

- Nearly deleting the email that informed her of the MBE award

- Why higher-ups in a company should set charitable examples for employees to follow

The world has become more generous in the last year as...

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