Ayurvedic Science in the Modern Wellness World with Puja Vashisht


Do the endless ‘quick fixes’ popping up in the wellness space ever make your eyes roll? Yes? ME TOO!

The reality is - the superficial nature of these hacks can often turn well meaning clients and practitioners away from practices that could truly benefit their overall health and well-being (and business!)

After all, the goal of the wellness space has always been to find ways to support people to support themselves, but it’s becoming increasingly important that we check who we’re getting our information from, and how solid these sources really are.

Today, I talk with Puja Vashisht - a learned Ayurvedic practitioner and wellness coach - and we get honest about the difficulties clients can face in taking the often hard steps to improve their lives and businesses, and abandon the mindset of reaching for quick fixes.

Puja takes us through her path from being a skeptical child growing up in a household that practised the tenets of Ayurveda to learning to appreciate and pass on the well documented research behind it as an adult. Inside the episode, we explore:

- How Ayurveda and Yoga only became competitive once it was imported into western society

- How the umbrella of the wellness industry functions to devalue a practice like Ayurveda

- Why practising Ayurveda without acknowledging its roots makes it less potent

- The focus of Ayurvedic medicine on digestion, and how the application of this millennia old practice can bring small but swift changes to your whole body

- Why wellness practices are anything but ‘fluffy’ and how removing this stigma from our industry starts with how wellness entrepreneurs themselves view and grow their businesses

It’s super important we keep an open mind to all the new information coming our way, but it’s equally crucial to listen with a kind but questioning mind before we invest in our health and wellness. If you’ve been skeptical of Ayurveda or curious about its medical wisdom, listen to Puja explain the rigorous study and responsible application involved in the field and decide if this old medicine is what your wellness journey is waiting for. Tune in here!


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