Jump Starting an Online Business and Rebuilding Your Confidence With Jenna McAvoy

How often do we skip the gym because we can’t bear to have an audience to our struggles on that day?

How often does self care and fitness aspirations fall to the wayside, as we focus on fulfilling our roles as mothers, wives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs?

We have too much on our plate, and no motivation to face the gym on top of a tiring day.

Which is why, in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I chat with Jenna McAvoy, a fitness coach with seven years of experience, who identified this problem in the lives of her clients and set about finding a personalised solution through her brand, Empwr.

Jenna tells us the amazing story of how her own struggles taught her to help rebuild women’s confidence!

We dive deep into the challenges and success of her business, and explore:

- How Jenna created a brand that revolves around addressing every client’s unique struggles

- How building her career as a Personal Trainer helped rebuild her own confidence

- How Jenna adapted her in-person classes into an amazing online business

- Why she will never go back to working in a gym again

- The need to be authentic on social media, because people buy from people

Regular exercise does much more than keep our bodies healthy. It strengthens our mind and heart, and helps us achieve goals that had once seemed impossibly far off. To understand how incorporating a customised fitness routine can help your life and business, tune in to this episode!


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Jenna McAvoy:

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