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Inclusion And Diversity In The Wellness Space with Le'Nise Brothers

You’d like to think that if any industry is truly inclusive, diverse and accepting of all - it would be the wellness space.

After all the majority of the practices, tools and modalities we so widely celebrate and share have their roots in indigenous cultures across the globe.

Sad truth is, even though we may like to ‘think’ this is the case, our naive and passive acceptance of what is really going on in the wellness arena is anything but.

In this week's Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast episode I speak with certified nutritionist and women's health expert, Le’Nise Brothers, about what really lies underneath the surface of this often branded ‘awakened’ industry.

Le’Nise brought some eye-opening insights and many deeply uncomfortable truths to light around ...

  • How much is really being done to address racism and cultural appropriation within the wellness world
  • Whether social media activism is simply performative or a necessary step towards change
  • How to eliminate cultural bias when building your business from the ground up
  • The reality of cancel culture and whether it’s a good thing
  • Actions we can take immediately to contribute to sustainable change in both our businesses and our wider lives

If you are fully committed to doing the work and standing for the change you want to see in the world, then tune in now and allow Le’Nise’s words to solidify the role we all play in changing our industry to something we can all be proud of.

Let’s dive in.



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