How We Do Money Is How We Do Everything with Dr Nikki Ramskill

What is your relationship with money like? How do you feel about charging for your services?

Are there some money gremlins lurking in the background?

What if you could heal your relationship with money?

If you find yourself resistant to charging your worth or improving your financial health then look no further than today’s episode. 

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I am talking to the Money Doctor, Dr Nikki Ramskill.

Nikki shares with us her own journey to a healed relationship with money which saw her evaluate both her life, financial situation and grow an amazing business in the process. 

She joins us to open up the conversation about money and to normalise what often feels difficult to discuss. We break down some of the key areas for wellness entrepreneurs to consider so that you can begin to tackle those money gremlins and change your own money stories. 

Nikki passionately encourages us as wellness entrepreneurs to shift our thinking when it comes to money and build a confident financial outlook. 

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • The issues that arise when money isn’t discussed
  • How the patterns that show up with our money are also present in our life more generally 
  • The history of financial independence for women and how that plays out today
  • What the Sacred Money Archetypes are and how they can support you 
  • How the resistance to dealing with financial issues can be strong
  • Our historical relationship with money and the stories we have heard from childhood
  • What you can put into action today to start to make changes

In this episode, we want you to understand that changing your patterns of behaviour around money can have such a huge impact on your life.  

So where do you need to start exploring within your finances? Is there any resistance present? What impact could making this change have for you?

Listen to this episode and then drop into my Insta DMs and let me know!




Dr Nikki Ramskill

Dr Nikki, also known as The Female Money Doctor believes that we cannot be truly healthy while a money nightmare is going on in the background; health and wealth is intimately intertwined.

She is a certified money coach, and runs an award winning blog, The Female Money Doctor.Com

She now helps women from all over the world to improve their mental health and well-being through getting organised with their finances and building wealth for the future they truly deserve.


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