The Only Piece Of Content You WILL EVER Need To Grow Your Business

Every social media platform demands complete devotion to its content production. 

If you’re an entrepreneur building a business, you don’t have hours to pour into creating content for multiple platforms every day. 

But there’s one way to get around this problem. 

It’s the solution that helps me be present in all social platforms I want to dominate and increases the searchability of my business on Google. 

It’s the main pillar of my digital presence - my core content.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk about how to zero in on core content for your business. How to figure out what fits, and what criteria you should keep in mind. But most importantly, I want to talk about how establishing my core content freed me from the social media rat race. 

As we covered in the previous episode, this podcast is my main content. The one thing that helps me boost my presence throughout the net. 

In today’s discussion, I explain:

- how I define core content 

- how to choose the perfect core content for you and your audience 

- why it builds trust and community with your audience

- how it relieves the pressure to constantly post on socials

- how batching can allow you create patterns in your content over time

- the technique I use to generate fresh ideas for my podcast

I even lay out my exact method to repurpose one piece of core content into over 6 additional forms of content without any extra work!

Once you find your own core content, remember this one advice. Devote your energies into being regular at producing just this one thing. Don’t be distracted by the shiny algorithms of other platforms. Over months of effort, you will find that your core content has done more for your business, than short lived fame on any one social media app can ever do.

Listen to the full episode and come talk to me in my DMs. Which platform will you build your core content on?





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