Making Time Management Work For You With Sade Jones


Do you ever look at the mountain of tasks piling up and feel like you’ll never catch up?

“I’m terrible with time!” This is something many entrepreneurs tell themselves while juggling work, life, and a brand new business they’re trying hard to grow.

When we have poor time management - the busier we get, the more we hope to accomplish yet the more chaotic our life.

Sound familiar?

This is why I invited Sade Jones to come and talk to us on The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast.

Sade is a time management coach, and in her extensive experience working with ambitious clients building their dream businesses, she has found that we always have time to do the work that really needs to get done.  

After holding a brilliant masterclass for The Collective, Sade joined me on the podcast to talk about:

- how she had to work on her vulnerability to learn how to share on social media

- why poor time management results in exhaustion and emotional turmoil

- how “being bad with time” is an identity you have to shed

- the great gift of creating boundaries with clients

- how structure helps us be more creative

Sade’s time management formula for entrepreneurs hinges on three core pillars! One of them is learning how to create and manage your weekly calendar. 

Listen to the full episode here and incorporate her simple methodology into your daily life.

It’s time to stop blaming yourself for the work that doesn’t get done. 

Let’s build a realistic and kind system that allows you to rest and prioritize the tasks that will help you take your business forward!




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