#06: Soul Aligned Selling

When I start talking about selling, what do you think? Do you think you don't sell, can't sell or won't sell? If your nodding then WE HAVE A PROBLEM. In the business of entrepreneurship, if we AREN'T SELLING then all we really have is a hobby (and a pretty expensive one at that).

Today on The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we are talking about soul aligned selling. I guide you through my step by step process to transform the ickyness and discomfort that so many of us have around selling and show you how to make it THE BEST and most enjoyable part of your business.

For many people in the world of wellness, selling is something we can feel disconnected from and scared to tackle, and as a result our incredible work gets missed by the masses. In this episode, I guide you through the following steps to revolutionise your approach and show you how to tap into a more soul connected, authentic strategy for selling:

 1. Are you trying to sell a service or product that you are not totally convinced about? Perhaps there is just an aspect of your current offer that you can't fully connect to. The beauty of soul aligned selling is that it feels effortless. If its feeling heavy and like a struggle, perhaps there is something missing from your offering?

2. Craft a service or offering for your community that YOU LOVE. Something that embraces all your business superpowers and sets you apart from the crowd. So many of us are stuck following an outdated structure that limits the potential of our skills and wisdom. Think outside the box and create your unique formula for transformation.

3. Know that there is more than enough for everyone. You are not competing with the others in your industry, especially if you have taken the time to master step two. Believing there is a finite amount of clients to go around will keep you stuck in a mindset of scarcity and lead you stuck in fear and FOMO.

4. Create a process that leads your clients and community to your service. Your relationship with potential clients DOES NOT start with a sales mindset. We MUST build a relationship of trust and connection before we get anywhere close to deciding if we are a potential match for working together.

5. Without setting goals, reaching them is nearly impossible. Set the bar, set the bar high and then keep revisiting your goals until they become a non-negotiable in your business and your life.

6. Once you have followed these steps and TRULY felt into where exactly you are at on this journey, you have to LET GO. Release the attachment to the outcome in order for you to free yourself to offer value and continued support to your wider community. Mastering this and the steps above will lead to an abundance of enquiries to work with you from clients who are already invested in your work and who will ultimately see the greatest transformations.

Are you ready to take your power back and decide, that from here on in, you no longer fear selling but rather embrace the opportunity to increase your impact on the world and in turn your service to your community? Let's do this. Press play to listen.

If you are really struggling to shift your money mindset and, as a result, feel like you limiting the amount of abundance that is available to you, we have something really powerful to transform this for good. Our 2-part Wealth Creation Process supports you to uncover the limitations that are blocking your growth and shifts the flow to enable you to recieve the abundance you deserve.

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Listener Spotlight of the Week

Thank you for this review, I know EXACTLY what you mean as I have felt the same way with the amount of information out there. All I would say with this is to remember you are the master of your art so if something doesn't feel good, then don't do it. Your implementation and strategies will be as unique as you are.

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