#05: How To Charge Your Worth

Are you charging your worth for your work? Is there even such a thing? If you have been upleveling in your business and life but are petrified of raising your prices to match, then you need to listen to this weeks podcast with pen and paper at the ready.

The investment your clients make in your services directly correlates to how invested they are in the transformation you offer, but the secret here is, many entrepreneurs have NO IDEA what transformation they are really offering.

Today on The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we will be talking all about how to charge your worth AND craft the services that honour the incredible transformations you offer your clients. Now, I know the money piece is VERY uncomfortable for many people so in todays episode I guide you through the following steps that will totally shift your approach to how you set your price points, AND leave you feeling empowered by your services and excited to share them with the world.

1. Are you starting in the wrong place? Trying to figure out your price point before understanding your business superpower is like trying to drive a car without releasing the handbrake - it's an incredibly slow and resistant ride. You MUST commit to finding and crafting a service that sets you apart from anyone else and honours your unique gifts before even attempting to define your prices.

2. Money is just the exchange for the transformation you offer - ditch the drama! There can be so much heaviness around this topic that we feel it defines who we are and what we are capable of. Let's start to understand that your success is just a vibration away, adopting a more fluid approach to this topic and understanding that it is simply an exchange of energy, can change everything!

3. Are you underestimating yourself? Are you telling yourself that there are hundreds of hoops for you to jump through in order to get where you want to be? I KNOW you have so much more to offer than you realise, and that the amount of people that could learn from your wisdom is unquantifiable, so what's really going on here? Get clear on your money story and identifying what is the catalyst to all these excuses and you'll be flying.

4. The amount your clients need to commit to their work with you to get the desired results, directly relates to the value of your offering. The higher the investment, the more your clients will be invested in DOING THE WORK. 

5. Invest in yourself AT LEAST to the amount you want others to invest in you. How can you expect someone to invest in you and your work if you aren't willing to do this in your own life. It's all an energy game and your community will match your vibration. 

6. Leveraging your time will enable you to reach a wider audience and share your message with more people that need to hear it. Working one to one can limit your business growth and feel extremely depleting. Spending time on working out how to leverage your business by using the online space can massively increase your impact and in turn, your income. 

Are you ready to stop getting so hung up on your money story and FINALLY craft the services and charge the prices that honour your work and expertise? Let's do this. Press play listen.

If you are really struggling to shift your money mindset and, as a result, feel like you limiting the amount of abundance that is available to you, we have something really powerful to transform this for good. Our 2-part Wealth Creation Process supports you to uncover the limitations that are blocking your growth and shifts the flow to enable you to recieve the abundance you deserve.

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Wow, I feel like this could be the description for the podcast as it sums up exactly what I hoped this podcast would convey, so it means the world that you really get that from listening.

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