#04: Find Your Business Superpower

business podcast superpower Apr 05, 2019

Do you know your business superpower? Would you even know where to look to find it? If the answer is no, then you need to listen to this weeks podcast with pen and paper at the ready.

Your business superpower is the secret sauce to take your business from stressful, slow and a struggle and transform it into exhilarating, exciting and (perhaps most importantly) extremeley PROFITABLE.

Fascinating thing is, most entrepreneurs are actively trying to hide their business superpowers (TOTALLY SUBCONSCIOUSLY) because they don't fit into the conventional mould that their industry abides by. 

It'll come as no surprise to you by now, that if there is a 'conventional industry mould' out there, then i've gone and broken it (and taken great pleasure in doing so) and in todays episode I walk you through the following steps that will change the way you approach your life and business FOR GOOD: 

1. Your differences are your strengths, the exact thing that you desperately try to hide in yourself are the things that make you, YOU. What sets us apart from our competitors is what calls in your tribe and enables them to connect, be relatable and blaze the trail for those that want to follow in your foot steps.

2. Comparison strikes when we try to fit into a box that was created by someone else.    The irony here is that we are attracted to others that have carved their own path and refused to follow the crowd, yet we find ourselves stuck in their shadow. 

3. 'I'm not good enough' is the narrative that holds us back from embracing our unique ways. The only reason we feel this way is because the ugly head of comparison has got us believing we need to be someone else to be accepted and embraced.

4. Quit apologising and be so unapologetically you that you inspire your entire community to do the same. When you bring your focus to what you are apologising for, you reveal where you re keeping yourself playing small and staying stuck

5. Get on the ground and find out what other people love about you and why they love your work. Is it your humour, your quirky personality, your taste in music or your integrity that stands you apart from the rest?

6. This is it, get that pen out and list your superpowers. What are you no longer willing to keep hidden and what is it you want to be known for? Your gifts and talents are too powerful for you to allow them to stay hidden - so this is it, the moment of no return!

Are you ready to step into your power and carve a business and life that is so fiercely you it feels like the most natural thing in the world? Let's do this. Press play to listen.

If you are struggling to really figure out what makes you tick, what lights you up and what makes you so incredibly magnetic to your community. We have created a 2-part Find Your Dharma process that will support you in your quest to define your business superpower and embrace all the gifts you have to share.

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Thank you, it means the world to know this work has supported you through a difficult time and that you are seeing how much potential lies in wait. You go girl!

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