Turn Your Passion Into Profit

facebook live training Feb 18, 2019

OK, so let's set the scene ...

You have been thinking about starting your own thing but have no idea where to begin? Every time you put pen to paper it all just seems too overwhelming so you give up?

Do you know that your success is not only possible but it's NECESSARY! You have things to bring out in the world that only YOU can create and NO ONE can do it the way you can.

That's why I have dedicated an entire LIVE training to this topic and am sharing my PASSION TO PROFIT STRATEGY. If you want to start living your dream and not just dreaming about it then, you've got to give this a watch. 

This vid is taken from a Facebook live so if you hear me talking to people, I've not gone mad (well not totally anyway).

In over a decade of business I know I have spent way to much time and money on areas of my business that didn't need it. I wish I had understood what I know now and if you follow these steps, you won't make the mistakes I did.

Here it is in some nice, simple steps that can change the game:

  1. Identify your 6 basic human needs (full 6 in the video)
  2. Eliminate overwhelm
  3. Invest your time and money wisely
  4. Lay solid foundations
  5. Don’t think about what you can get, think about what you can give
  6. Be the guide, not the hero
  7. Ditch your drama for your Dharma

I hope today's pep talk helps and remember I LOVE to hear from you so do share your experiences with this formula. If you would like to join the live conversation next week then head over to my Facebook page.

Let's have en epic week people,

Love Kirsty x

PS. To help you get super clear on the gifts YOU have to share with the world, I have created a worksheet and meditation for FREE to give you the kick start you need to launch your own jam. Get it here


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