Quit Playing Small: 6 Steps To Rise Up And Be Seen

facebook live training Mar 11, 2019

OK, so let's set the scene ...

You swing between being so driven and excited about your making your dream a reality to feeling so scared of what others might think that you continue to play small. You know there are people out there far less qualified than you, doing similar things to you and having huge success. So what's keeping you stuck?

In todays LIVE training, I uncover the six blocks that are slowing your expansion and how to overcome them FOR GOOD!

In my career, I spent years playing down my offerings simply because I was so scared that I didn't have what it took. I'm here today to tell you that is BS - everything you need is within you and I'm going to help show you how to uncover it.

"When a great ship is in harbour and moored, it is safe, there is no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for."

This vid is taken from a Facebook live so if you hear me talking to people, I've not gone mad (well not totally anyway).

Here it is in some nice, simple steps that will have you taking, massive, aligned action in no time:

  1. Ego Vs Expression - are you getting these confused?
  2. The Two I's - Implementation and Integration
  3. Bridge The Gap - Balance the being and doing
  4. Increase Your Bandwidth - To sustain longterm expansion
  5. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway - The risk is not as big as you think
  6. Break The Chain - Trail blaze a future for your community

I hope today's pep talk helps and remember I LOVE to hear from you so do share your experiences with this formula. If you would like to join the live conversation next week then head over to my Facebook page.

Let's have en epic week people,

Love Kirsty x

PS. To help you get super clear on the gifts YOU have to share with the world, I have created a worksheet and meditation for FREE to give you the kick start you need to launch your own jam. Get it here


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