How Facebook Ads Can Help Supercharge Small Business Growth with Emily Hirsh


How do you know when it’s time to invest in Facebook Ads? 

How big does your audience have to be for it to work? 

Is it cheating if you gain followers from ads instead of organic growth?

Today’s guest on the podcast will answer all these questions and more! Emily Hirsh is a leading Digital Marketing Strategist and the founder of Hirsh Marketing. She’s worked with many clients who run digital empires across the world and helped them super-charge their reach. 

And in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur, I ask Emily all the questions that entrepreneurs with young businesses have about digital marketing and the true effectiveness of Facebook ads.

Dive in with us, as we explore:

- The ONE element you must have ready before you use ads to amplify your reach

- Whether ads works even if you have a small budget for marketing

- What are cold and warm audiences, and how can you ensure that you’re reaching out to both with your content?

- Images, videos, or copy: what stops the scroll and what gets your prospects to click on your content?

- Why Emily decided to start an agency and how having a team catapulted her growth

- How you can absolutely run ads for your own business yourself, but why you may choose not to.

Emily drops a lot of valuable information in this episode, and for any entrepreneur who is ready to grow their business, this interview is a goldmine. But beyond the reach and impact of advertising on social media, Emily also gives us a candid view into her business philosophy and the lessons she’s learned while running her agency. Tune in to listen right here!




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