Intuitive Business Building with Holistic Tattooist Susie Smith

What if you’re passionate about more than one field? How do you know which one is the right fit for you?

When choosing a niche to build your business, you have to take many material and spiritual considerations into account. 

All of which can leave you terribly confused and delay your commitment to one path. 

But what if that delay isn’t a bad thing?

In today’s episode, I talk to the brilliant wellness entrepreneur, Suzie Smith, who had to make that decision between her successful yoga teaching business and a developing talent in handpoked tattoo artistry. Listen to her lay out her journey, as we explore:

- How Suzie tried to be practical about her artistic pursuits and trained in yoga to teach it as she traveled across South America

- How tattooing her friends for fun slowly turned into a lucrative side hustle that was taking up more and more of her interest and time

- The balancing of two businesses and the moment when it tilted in one definite direction

- Why having a private studio was so crucial to the experience of comfort and intimacy that Suzie wanted to provide her clients

- How building a brand is not about the name or the follower count, but about the tiny, tedious everyday decisions that slowly create a business 

Some things take time to fit into place in your life, and as Suzie found out, the universe gives us a lot of signals about when that time has come. This episode has a lot of great nuggets, like not forcing a decision when it makes us uncomfortable and how walking your dog can be the wellness practice you weave into your life. Tune in to listen to it here!

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