8 Simple Steps To Get Started On Clubhouse

Have you heard, there's a new social media app around town and EVERYONE is wondering - is this the next big thing?

Whether this app has already become your latest go-to online hangout or you are yet to embrace this audio-only platform that seems to be a hybrid between podcasting and Facebook groups, there's no doubt we need to explore its potential.

In today's Wellness Entrepreneur podcast episode I share my eight top tips to get started on Clubhouse and reveal some simple, yet effective growth hacks to ensure you are getting the most out of your time. We cover:

  • Small rooms vs big rooms and where the potential lies in both
  • Moderator pods and why these are vital to leveraging the app without it taking over your life
  • How to get strategic and intentional in where you show up
  • Where Clubhouse sits in your overall client journey
  • How to network the Clubhouse way
  • Ways to stand out and be seen by your ideal clients

If you are ready to approach this new platform with an open mind and explore the opportunities it may provide for you and the growth of your business then go grab a cuppa and let's dive in.


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