How To Build A Magnetic Personal Brand with Shika Chica

Marketing is a huge sticking point for many wellness entrepreneurs. Wondering which social media platform to master, what content to create and how to stand out from the crowd are just some of the wellness entrepreneurs greatest challenges when it comes to marketing their business.

While we may like to believe we can utilise our magical manifestation skills on their own to attract a steady stream of dream boat clients the truth is, aligned strategy and practical action is required if we truly desire to get our work out into the world.

In this week's podcast episode our guest Shika shares her story of leaving her highly successful media career to embark on a deeper mission of building a wellness business. In this episode Shika explains how she has implemented the practical application of her media career to grow a thriving and fiercely aligned audience and shares many further insights including:

  • How a deeply traumatic experienced led to embarking on a life changing journey of self-realisation
  • The secrets of success when it comes to growing an organic audience online
  • How to deal with resistance from others who may not ‘get’ your career choices
  • How to overcome the fear of judgement and ridicule when beginning to build a personal brand
  • How Shika managed to take a year off Instagram whilst continuing to grow her business

If you are ready to overcome all of those uncomfortable emotions surrounding showing up for your vision and mission in the world and desire to finally carve your own unique path and presence on social media then tune in here.



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