From Side Hustle to CEO with Julia Panchkowry (The Banana Warrior)

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like everyone around you seems to have this whole life thing totally figured out ...

... but there you are struggling just to stay afloat?

Perhaps your relationship is on the rocks, your business isn't bringing in enough revenue or you're just wondering "is this really all there is?"

Well, they say there is no breakthrough without a breakdown and this certainly rings true for today's podcast guest, Julia Panchkowry.

After a devastating heart-break and an unwavering desire to search for more, Julia set on a journey to Thailand to become a teacher, that would end up becoming the beginning of an incredible business journey. 

Fast forward three years and Julia is now the founder and CEO of The Banana Warrior - a space for plant based desserts and body acceptance.

Julia shares some powerful reflections on her business journey and many actionable steps to live fully into your passion and purpose including:

  • The breakup that led to the breakthrough and why fear was her catalyst for change
  • How to successfully manage working full time while growing a side hustle 
  • The transition from solo entrepreneur to hiring a team
  • How her business thrived during lockdown
  • The key to building a loyal and engaged social media audience and how to convert them into paying clients

If you are serious about turning your passion into a profitable and impactful business then tune in now and allow Julia's incredible story be the inspiration you need to smash through that proverbial glass ceiling and make your future desire a living reality.

Let’s dive in!

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