Growth and Wellness In Digital Marketing with Trudi and Andi

The last twenty months brought the wellness world online, and suddenly the reach of your digital presence had an oversized impact on your business.

Now, besides being an expert in your field and running a business, wellness entrepreneurs also have a whole new frontier to conquer.

You have to research hashtags, learn search engine optimization, and understand how the algorithms of 5 different platforms work.

Unsurprisingly, many of us have found this experience frustrating.

We are spending days on building websites and creating social media content, when we could be spending that time on the work we love most - serving our clients.

In this episode of the Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk to Trudi and Andi of Made By Factory,a digital marketing agency that helps businesses thrive online, to understand how business owners can strike a balance between effective online marketing and prioritizing their own wellbeing.

With these two digital marketing experts in the hot seat, I dive into:

- how an agency can help small businesses with limited budgets

- why it’s important to understand which social platform works best for your business

- why optimizing your website is crucial to any online enterprise

- the reason you need to test and tweak different content to find the right fit for your audience 

- why entrepreneurs should take regular breaks from work to avoid falling out of love with their business

While it’s tempting to think that we can hack our way through digital marketing with the help of Google and Youtube, Trudi and Andi make the excellent point that the time we spend learning just the basics of this field could be earning us money if we focused on our own expertise and hired a marketer to do the job better.

Listen to the full episode here and let me know if you have any questions about how a digital marketing agency can help your business.




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