7 Simple Steps To Becoming An Award-Winning Entrepreneur


How can winning an award help your business?

Winning an award that singles you out as the best in your business can help tackle client resistance towards your offers.

It’s also a great marketing opportunity that can lead to many bigger things, especially if you’re using the second step I outline in the episode to create an online presence that aligns with your brand and shows your business journey!

So, in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I decided to celebrate my spa teaching the final stages of The International Best Spa Award by telling you exactly how you can be an award-winning entrepreneur who is recognised for creating change.

Let’s deep dive into my 7 steps!

- Ask yourself, “how can we do things differently?”

- Create an omnipresence online, so award committees can find you easily

- Collaborate with other entrepreneurs so that you can be visualized in a lineup of awardees and fit right in

- Create a client journey that invests them in your own successes and have them rooting for you

- Be the walking embodiment of the work you’re passionate about

- Understand your “why” to create a work-life blend that’s all about doing what you love

- Another way of getting yourself nominated that’s a little controversial!

And finally, remember to celebrate your nominations! Many awards depend on the support of your clients and audience, and unless you tell them about this amazing opportunity, they will never know to go and vote for you.

You deserve your success! You’ve worked hard for it. So, talk about your journey and your successes often so the people who are rooting for you can know that their support mattered!

Listen to the full episode where I explain my journey to becoming a multiple award-winning business owner right here!


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