#03: How To Build An Engaged Audience

Whether you have been in business for a while or are just starting out, your audience and community should be at the heart of what you do. I believe that building an engaged audience that grows with you, is the game changer when it comes to creating impact and income in your business.

BUT, a lot of people don't where to start or how to master their message in order for people to stand up and notice them. They feel they are being drowned out by the noisy online space and end up giving up before they have really given it a good shot.

The lure of high 'follower' numbers sees many entrepreneurs drowning in self-doubt and low self-esteem when really its way less about the number and so much more about the engagement. In today's episode I walk you through the steps you need to create an engaged audience that will lead to real relationships and ultimately lifelong customers.

During this episode we cover the following fundamental growth steps that will create massive momentum in your following:

  1. Choose your platform for success, not every platform is for everyone. Flip-flopping around each and every possible content outlet will waste a lot of time, money and energy so we explore exactly which one suits you and why.
  2. Ditch the excuses which are acting as a safety blanket but are likely holding you back. We identify which excuses you are leaning on and how to overcome them in order for you to stand up and lead.
  3. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. If your audience can't rely on your to show up and serve then why on earth would they invest in your work? Without the knowledge to master this, you'll be left wondering why none of your efforts are paying off.
  4. Adding value is the name of the game. Your movement needs direction and actionable content that your community can implement now. Holding onto a lack mentality that there is only so much to go around will leave you and your audience at a stand still. Learn how to know exactly how much to share and when to allow your tribe to take the lead
  5. Engagement equals connection and connection equals trust. Without trust, there is no relationship. Business is built on deep and meaningful connections that deserve to be nurtured.
  6. You are the guide in your clients story, you are not the hero. Understand the role you play in your communities narrative and you'll walk side by side for the long haul.

Are you ready to start as you mean to go on and become the leader your community deserves? Let's do this! Press play to listen in.

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