The House Of Energy Mastery

Confidently Master Your Energy & Activate Your Alignment 

Experience life without the ongoing overwhelm, constant comparison and exhausting quest for purpose, even if you're starting from scratch. 


Before I spill the beans on all the goodness inside this 8-week programme, let's ensure that you're a suitable matchūüĎá


If you’re an open-minded and spiritually curious individual looking to create more joy & confidence in your life, but right now...

‚úĒÔłŹ You catch glimpses of your alignment but struggle to maintain it when the going gets tough

‚úĒÔłŹ You¬†see others living their purpose and creating massive impact in the world¬†and feel a deep inner knowing that you have the potential¬†to do the same

‚úĒÔłŹ You struggle to hold your power and confidence when others around you don't share the same mindset and perspective on life

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†You yearn to elevate your capacity for success, happiness, and abundance, breaking free from cycles of stagnation and unlocking new levels of achievement

Nodding along? Then you’re definitely in the right place!

The House of Energy Mastery, will focus on mastering these challenges and help you to unlock your full potential, maintain alignment, live your purpose, and cultivate unwavering confidence regardless of external influences.

Get ready to amplify your energy and transform your life!

Even though the reasons to pursue your dream of living a purpose-driven joyful life are obvious, the path to doing it successfully can be anything but.

Perhaps in your bravest moments you've gone all in and made a start.

You've journaled tons of ideas, explored various wellness practices, got excited about potential projects and decided that now is your time to make your dreams a reality.

If you‚Äôve been deeply committed, perhaps you‚Äôve even sought external guidance, hoping it would provide the clarity you‚Äôve been chasing in that ever-elusive ‚Äúsomeday.‚ÄĚ

But even with the best intentions, most of us end up continuing to play small or throwing in the towel altogether, creating space for old habits to creep back in and for comparisonitis to rear its ugly head, as we watch others steal the show while we observe from the side lines.

We¬†fall prey to the ever-changing advice on what we¬†should or shouldn't be doing to live a happy and optimal life (the experts always make it look so easy¬†ūüôĄ).¬†

Here is why this is so irreversibly destructive.

As an already busy individual, you literally can't afford to be bombarded by more conflicting information.

The moment you reach peak overwhelm and confusion while trying to create a life you love to live, it becomes harder and harder to stay on your path.

Therefore, building a solid foundation from the start that has the capability to offer clarity when times are tough is crucial to the health and happiness of your consciously created life.

This may be contrary to what you believe when you look out at the world around you through the lens of comparison and self-doubt, but there are very few people out there doing it right.

Most are stuck swimming in that ocean of overwhelm and are just waiting for lady luck to come to the rescue.

This means, there is still a wealth of opportunity waiting for you to create a thriving life. That's if you can avoid those pesky potholes lying in wait.

The 4 Reasons

Most People Settle For Less Than Their True Potential

(and how to guarantee you don't)

Unfamiliar With Energy Body

(or worse, believing you have no control over it)

We know the key to unlocking our highest potential is to go inward but what we really want is things to change in the physical world?

Thing is, your energy projection is THE reason your life looks the way it does. Changing your actions and thoughts will only take you so far. There are often BIG energy patterns you have been projecting for years and without changing them, the same things will keep showing up over and over.

Imagine a life where you had the power to manifest simply by understanding the energetic projection you need to emanate in order for it to show up! 

Time to tackle these limiting mindsets and embark on a journey to understand and amplify your unique energy blueprint.

Fear Of The Unknown

(or worse, not knowing this fear at all)

For many fear acts as a warning sign to retreat and recoil from a new and unknown experience. However, as the saying goes 'everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear'.

Figuring out how to embrace the unknown and move forward confidently in the face of fear is pivotal in manifesting a life of continuous expansion and growth. 

Most end up convincing themselves that the problem is them rather than a natural fear of the unknown and go on to create excuses as to why they were never destined to succeed.

Time to change the story around fearing the unfamiliar and approach it armed with all the tools necessary to thrive.

Low Self-Worth And Self-Belief 

(or worse, believing you don't get to choose your value or worth)

This isn't your fault. Many of us are taught to play down our achievements and hide our wins for fear of looking 'too big for our boots'. Combine that with the primal brain and it's automatic self-preserving behaviour patterns, designed to ensure your survival, and it's no wonder many of us hide from our own greatness.

Do you say 'yes' to activities that neither light you up nor challenge your growth, whilst saying 'no' to those that ignite a fire in your belly and fill your being with a mixture of excitement and fear?

These are just some of the ways we limit our potential on a daily basis. Most convince themselves that if they just work harder, then eventually the tables will turn. Thing is, a thriving life isn't about working harder, it's about living in alignment. 

Time to decide to get back in the drivers seat and choose fortune over fear and creativity over certainty.

Following A Path Written For Them 

(or worse, following a path through the lens of social media)

For many, life can seem like a series of preset-milestones laid out along a turbulent road towards fulfilling other peoples expectations.

Whether from family traditions, cultural assumptions or social norms it can feel as if we are on an endless pursuit of something that was never ours to begin with.

Most spend their time throwing everything against the wall and hoping that eventually, something will stick.

Thing is, you can't approach 'living your best life' as just another plate spinning exercise. It's an immensely personal and valuable intention that when done with total autonomy can lead to an ever unfolding, exciting adventure.

Time to respect life for what it is - A TRUE GIFT - and approach it accordingly.

Ready To Access A Complete Step-By-Step Pathway To Unleash Your Potential & Access Unwavering Confidence?


The House Of Energy Mastery Isn't So Much A Training Programme As It Is A Model For Optimal Living

Of course, you'll have the tools and techniques of self mastery, but more importantly, you'll have a detailed step-by-step model that leaves no stone unturned and makes no assumptions as you implement it.

The end result: An incredibly empowered, purpose-driven life creating real change in the world and fuelling your ongoing exploration of your own unique path.

During our 8 Week Exploration Together, We'll Uncover...

Pillar One: Identify Your Unique Human Needs

To begin this journey we reveal our unique human needs, the principles that form our own individual foundations.

Without understanding these we leave ourselves exposed to being pushed and pulled by other people's expectations and struggling to identify what makes us thrive rather than simply survive.

In this pillar you'll begin to release the old stories and limiting subconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck, and instead step forward into an empowered and purposeful way of living.

Pillar Two: Get Clear On Your Path

The secret to an abundant life that lights you up every single day is in activating your vortex of creativity. 

Creativity is a birth right and acts as the portal into the wealth of possibility that lies before you.

Many feel stuck, stifled and lacking a creative edge which removes the belief that life can be limitless

In this pillar you'll be armed with the tools to manifest your desired reality by aligning with exactly what you came here to do and by diving deeper into the stream of purposeful co-creation with the universe.

Pillar Three: Find Your Source Of Power

This is the moment life becomes one magnificent adventure. 

With a clearer sense of sense and totally new life lens, it's now time to take up more radical and totally unapologetic, space in the world. 

Most underestimate their own inner power because their life has been spent trying to blend in rather than radiate out. 

No more! Pillar three entrusts you with the momentum you need to utilise fear and increase your energy levels so that you can unleash your potential and astonish your communities.

Pillar Four: Identify Your Triggers

The most sought-after moment has arrived. Once you have embarked on an intimate and insightful journey into what makes you tick, it's time to set some fierce boundaries and finally release that which no longer serves you.

Most people agonise over the way they are being seen by the world that they lose sight of their value and vital contribution to the collective.

Identifying your triggers reveals what causes you to retreat and play small, and offers an opportunity to leave the people-pleasing at the door once and for all.

Pillar four explores the practice of self-love and puts you back in the centre of your own universe to ensure you leave a lasting legacy while supporting other people to do the same.

Pilla Five: Reconnect And Find Your Voice

Now that you've released that which no longer serves you, it's time to step up and be seen and heard.

Here you'll begin to master the ability to speak your truth and creatively communicate with those around you. 

Most dilute their voice for fear of rejection or ridicule which prevents them from sharing their unique gifts with the world. This often leads to a false belief that people don't value their input or recognise the contribution they are here to make.

Understanding your strengths and learning how to speak from the heart without fear of judgement, leads to a life of unparalleled freedom and creates opportunity for those around you to benefit from your unique purpose. 

Pillar Six: Uplevel Your Lifestyle

Now you are armed with the courage and confidence to make your ideas and desires known, it's time to uplevel your life. 

Most people think this part is all about the hustle and striving to achieve their desired reality by working harder and faster than everyone else, but they couldn't be more wrong.

Expanding your life is totally and completely about aligning with the frequency of your desire and then (and only then) taking aligned action. 

Imagine a life where you had the power to manifest anything you want simply by understanding the energetic projection you need to emanate in order for it to show up - pillar six explores it all.

Pillar Seven: Get The Universe On Your Side

With your alignment mastered and your desires beginning to manifest it's time to get the universe on your side longterm and tap into the field of infinite possibilities. 

It's at this point that many struggle to stay consistent and begin to lose momentum. With general life distractions and external challenges, connection to a higher purpose is often the first thing to go. This results in a perpetuating cycle of one step forward, two steps back. 

Even if you're nodding along to the above, we'll uncover exactly how to ensure you honour your unique energetic blueprint to empower you to navigate the most turbulent of times whilst staying fiercely connected to your higher vision.    

In this pillar you'll master both the practical and energetic practices necessary to embark on a continuous and ever-unfolding journey of self-actualisation, that enables you to both create more impact in the world and live an aligned lifestyle of freedom and opportunity.

This time, it's your turn to thrive...

I’ve been working with energy my entire adult life and have delivered energy work to thousands of clients.

Nowadays I'm running multi-award winning wellness businesses,hosting a top-ranking podcast, and I’m a Mum of three...

but not that long ago I was an over-worked holistic therapist and an overwhelmed Mum, trying to please everyone and getting nowhere fast.

Fast forward to now and I'm the secret weapon to hundreds of clients supporting them to grow a business and life they love.

The tools and insight I’m sharing in The House Of Energy Mastery (HOEM) have allowed me to grow my vision and mission year on year, and have enabled my clients to do the same.

If you're committed to making 2024 the year of in infinite possibilities and profound transformation, then I can't wait to help fast-track your personal and professional growth.

I'm honored to have the opportunity to support you on this journey, and I can't wait to see all the amazing things you'll accomplish. Let's make your future vision a living reality.

Kirsty (she/her) x

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